A game for Blackthornprod GameJam #2

By Ignacio Martinez and Alejandro de Cea

The theme was "Mini Planets"

Welcome to Colony Defender!

In this game you have to defend your planet and the minions that inhabit in it. These minions will mine resources so you can build turrets and defend them from the alien invasion. Be sure you spawn enough minions so you don't run out of minerals!


Right click: build a defense

Left click: select the defense spot so you can control the turrets

Left click on the planetary base: Build minions that mine resources

Q : Shoot

Z: zoom in/zoom out

Spacebar: pause game (You can still select and build in this mode)

Bottom Left GUI Buttons: Select the turret you want to build

Bottom Right GUI Button: Upgrade for explosive bullets

Turret, Minion and Perk Costs

Basic Turret: 100 minerals

Laser Turret: 200 minerals

Quad Laser Turret: 500 minerals

Minion: 20 minerals

Explosive Bullets upgrade: 600 minerals

Pro Tips

Don't forget to create workers in the beginning of the game but leave a reminder of 100 minerals to build your firsts turret

Be wise on how you spend your minerals! Creating a lot of workers early will leave you exposed to alien attacks.

Use the turrets also shields to protect the planet. They can take hits if necessary!

Pause the game when you feel overwhelmed and prepare your next move

Take a look at the gameplay trailer provided in the page

Have Fun!


- Comfortaa Bold font

Every other asset was created from scratch by us.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsIgnacio Martinez, Alejandro de Cea


Colony Defender 11 MB
Colony Defender 12 MB
Colony Defender 12 MB


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Sorry for the late reply Joshua. Thanks a lot for your feedback! We'll make sure that for the next time we add some way to tell the player how long he has survived as well as some sort of feedback to know when you select a turret spot. It was kinda difficult to balance the game properly and we run out of time, we will try to fix that as well!

Thank you for playing our game and I'll see you around!